Daily Unlimited SMS Bundles

Send loads of SMS to any network – now on your own terms! That’s right – the Daily SMS Bundle is back by popular demand! Once again, you can enjoy unlimited SMS without signing up for the entire month’s SMS subscription. So why wait when you can send SMS as low as Rs.3.99 per day to any network, any time – only with Jazz!

Jazz SMS Bundles
Price* SMS Validity Minimum Balance Req. (with Tax)
Daily Bundle Rs. 3.99 1,200 24 hours

Rs. 4.77

19.5% FED and 10% Advance Income Tax apply on all charges. 2% operational fee will be applicable on all recharges through Jazz load and Scratch Card (applicable from November 22nd, 2011)
This is a Limited Time Offer
The Daily SMS Bundle will come with auto re-subscription facility, i.e. if you want to continue using the bundle you will not have to re-subscribe through *101*1*01# every day.

Subscription Process
These bundles can be subscribed through USSD as well as IVR.

Subscription through USSD:
Subscriber will enter *101*1*01# on mobile screen and press send
Customer will receive a confirmation reply

USSD Codes Summary

Daily Bundle
SMS Bundle Information *101*3*01#
Subscription Method *101*1*01#
Un Subscription Method *101*4*01#
Free SMS Balance Inquiry *101*2#
SMS/Minutes and service inquiry will be charged at Rs. 0.10+Tax/Transaction

Subscription through IVR:

Dial 121 for Jazz Features Menu
Press 6 for New features
Press 3 to Hear information about SMS bundles
Press 1 to Subscribe to SMS bundles

And then
Press 1 for ‘ Daily Bundle ’
Press 1 to confirm the selection

Customer will hear confirmation message after the subscription

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